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Visitors Frequently Asked Questions

To enter the Library please leave your outwear in the cloakroom (buildings D, R, Z) and show your Library card upon the entrance. No food is allowed, but you can bring in water in closed containers.

Whom should I address?


How can I get remote access to electronic recourses?

To get Remote Access you can fill the special form http://library.hse.ru/e-resources/ez/ezregulation_eng.htm

Thereafter you will receive your login and password. (All this information can be found on the website).

You can get open access to all Electronic resources if your device is logged in to University's Wi-Fi network.  We also provide access to Publication Finder to search through all available databases.

How to use the electronic catalog?

The library provides online open access to e-catalog. You can search using different publication's characteristics (author, title and so on). In the search results, click the tab "copies" to see information about a book. You can find the certain address of the library where the book is stored and book's category.

To find a bookshelf index click the tab "Exemplaire". It will help you to order a book or to find it on the bookshelf in the reading hall.

How many books can I borrow at once?

You can borrow books only if they belong to academic/fiction collection lending department. You can borrow 5 items per time for 15 days (academic collection department) and for 30 days (fiction collection department). To borrow a book, refer to librarians on the Informational desk. They will stamp the return date inside of the book.

If you see marks "open stacks", "reading hall" it means that you can only work with a book in the library. After you'll finish the work with the book leave it on the table or put it into the special basket. Next day you will find it in its place on the bookshelf.

The mark "single copy" means that you need to order this book with the help of librarians or on the website (in all Library departments except the Central Library).  You can order 5 items per time and leave them on the special reserve shelf next to the Information Desk for the few days under your surname not to reorder it again.

How can I extend the loan period?

You can extend the loan period for documents from the academic and fiction collection personally or by the following e-mail eustyugova@hse.ru

Are there computers in the Library?

If you need to work on the computer in the Library at Myasnitskaya, 20, you can visit the Mediatheque. In the Mediatheque you can reserve a place and work on the computer with Electronic resources, type or get access to the  Internet. Also here you can scan for free.

Please mention that Library's Mediatheque is specially established for working with E-resources and library's printed materials. For any other purposes (e.g. for printing) you can use the computer class on the 4th floor.

On your first visit, you need to familiarize yourself with the Medeatheque rules, fill out and sign the special form. After this, you will get your personal login and password for work in the library's computer network.

To copy data to your storage devices and with any other questions refer to the duty support specialist.

You can use the computers and scan on the 2nd floor in the Central Library on Pokrovsky boulevard, 11.


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